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Effective debt recovery lawyers in Sydney

Overdue debts can have a substantial impact on cashflow and the operation and growth of your business. We provide effective debt recovery process to small and medium sized company. Effective debt recovery means the the process is fast, consistent and unwavering.

You can be confident that APBC Lawyers  is well-equipped to guide you through the process and ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect your rights and interests.

We can help you with
1) Our team has 15 years of experience in all our areas of practice, and because we don’t try to do everything, we have a deep understanding of every facet of property law. You can rely on us to provide you expert and qualified guidance.

2) We are responsive: When engaging with our team of property lawyers Sydney locals can be sure that we will respond to queries within the same day. We understand that there is nothing worse than losing a good deal due to delays by lawyers. 

3) We take the time to understand your needs: A black-and-white reading of the law is often unhelpful to your needs. We take a different approach. At the start of any engagement, we take the time to talk with you and learn your commercial interests and concerns. Our outcomes are results-orientated and aim to deliver a commercial outcome. 

In short, we view ourselves as more than just a team of lawyers. We are a partner that will go through the challenging times with our clients, as well as celebrate the successes together. That’s why many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade, and what makes us the best property lawyers Sydney has to offer.

At ABP Lawyers, we focus on debt collection to help businesses like yours maintain cashflow.

We can help you with:

Letters of demand

We can draft letters of demand for you, and we can also help you enforce them.


We will try to avoid the need to go to court, but if required, we will start proceedings on your behalf and undertake enforcement process such as writ of property or garnishee orders

Managing the statutory demand process

We have the experience and resources to ensure your debts are paid as quickly as possible and subject to the circumstances, a statutory demand may be the best wasy to achieve this


We have a team of lawyers who are skilled at negotiating settlements and who can help you maximise your settlement value.

We're the experts in debt recovery procedures.

We understand what it takes to collect debts, which is not always as simple as turning up in court. Occasionally, you require the appropriate kind of strategy, and that's where we come in. We are here to assist you in resolving your problem, regardless of its size and complexity, If iyou need debt collection, you can rely on us to manage it.

If a debtor refuses to pay on an account, we'll get it paid for you!

Honesty and transparency are our hallmarks

We are not simply another law firm out to take your money. We believe in using our skills and experience to help you obtain the outcomes you deserve, and not just a settlement or a victory in court. It is about ensuring that you may move on with your life in peace, having done everything possible to guarantee that you were treated properly by the system. Because we know what it takes to ensure that each client receives the outcomes they deserve, when they deserve them, we are the best at resolving property disputes.

Get the advice you need for your next move.

Make an appointment with a member of our Commercial Law Team today to receive prompt and knowledgeable assistance with all aspects of debt recovery

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