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ABP Lawyers: The leading Sydney conveyancing solicitors

If you’re looking to purchase or sell property in Sydney, then you need the services of the leading Sydney conveyancing solicitors. Property conveyancing is a critical part of NSW property law, as it ensures that all legal documents comply with the state requirements, that all necessary searches on the property have been conducted and that all adjustments are made accurately when the settlement occurs.

When you come to Australian Business & Property Lawyers (ABP Lawyers) for our conveyancing services, we will review the contracts that are involved in the property sale and ensure that there aren’t any errors made, and that there are no unpleasant surprises awaiting you after signing the contract.

Do I need a solicitor for conveyancing?

The reason why it is more beneficial for you to engage Sydney conveyancing solicitors for your conveyancing services rather than a conveyancer, is because for a similar price you can have the advantage of a lawyer providing strategic advice and resolve any disputes which can often arise. As lawyers, the team at ABP Lawyers can offer much more than a conveyancer and offer an understanding of the legal consequences of every decision you make or term you agree to.

Our goal is to provide wholistic legal assistance to our client, and establish long term relationships. Providing strategic advice, as well as support with both conveyancing and other legal matters means that we are more than a transactional service. We are your partner.

Our Property Services

Some examples of the services we offer are:

Purchasing and selling residential, commercial and industrial properties;

Drafting and reviewing commercial and retail leases;

Acting for vendor and developer on option agreements;

Acting for developers in the pre-sale of off-the-plan properties;

Drafting by-law, easements and covenants.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a meeting with a commercial lawyers in Sydney should give you the confidence that your lawyer understand the nuanced of your business and objective and add value to the due diligence and negotiation process.

Purchasing & Selling

Purchasing and selling residential, commercial and industrial properties;

Lease Draft & Review

Drafting and reviewing commercial and retail leases;

Acting for Vendor

Acting for vendor and developer on option agreements;

Drafting Agreements

Drafting by-law, easements and covenants.

Acting for Developers

Acting for developers in the pre-sale of off-the-plan properties;

With the volatility of the Sydney property market, you need the leading property lawyers in Sydney on your side to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Why we’re the best Sydney conveyancing solicitors

We are an award-winning boutique law firm, located right in the heart of the city. Our commitment to client service and the value-add that comes from being able to support our clients in conveyancing and other legal matters is why we have been honoured with a top-10 position in both property law and business law, and in 2020 was awarded as the boutique property law firm of the year by Global Law Experts.

With over 15 years of experience in supporting clients in buying and selling all sorts of properties including residential, commercial and industrial, we have the expertise that comes from having assisted clients with even the most unusual and challenging cases. We understand the need to be highly responsive to our client’s needs, and will always respond to emails and enquiries in a prompt manner.

Finally, we understand the value of being able to talk directly to your lawyer. When dealing with a larger firm, you’ll often be working with an assistant, but with ABP Lawyers, you will have direct contact with a senior lawyer or principal when you need them. Clients tell us that that’s one of the “value-adds” that they appreciate the most, and it’s one of the benefits of dealing with a boutique law firm.

Honesty and transparency are our hallmarks

Another factor that makes us the leading Sydney conveyancing solicitors is our commitment to honesty and transparency in billing. Our leading service standards are backed with a fixed fees approach wherever possible (and when it isn’t possible you will be given full transparency into costs). By being upfront and clear about the cost expectations we deliver a service that is based on mutual respect, and that is why our clients have stayed with us for many years.

Multi-lingual for Sydney’s ethnic communities

One of Sydney’s great qualities is that it is a true melting pot of cultures and languages. However, all legal matters in Australia are in English, and where conveyancing is concerned, the nuances of the details are all-important. One of the reasons that we are the leading Sydney conveyancing solicitors is that we can support our clients in multiple languages, ensuring that they’re comfortable with the details of their legal matter and there are no instances of things being “lost in translation” to later become an unpleasant surprise.

Our team is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

How to reach us

If you need more information on the services that we provide – whether it is conveyancing or any other matter in property law, please contact us on (02) 8880 6505. As the leading Sydney conveyancing solicitors we can assist in all matters, and we would love the opportunity to start the conversation about how we can help.

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